2014 – To Infinity and Beyond

What do I want to do in 2014? So much. I’m going to put it out here for you and the Universe to see. This will help me stay on track and accomplish more.

  1. Yoga teacher training! I want to be a yoga teacher. My long term goal is to become a yoga therapist like the AMAZING Lilith from Yoga Is My Health Insurance. She has helped my healing more than traditional medicine ever could. I want to be able to help others the same way she’s helped me.
  2. Ayurveda advisor! This ancient lifestyle technology is so powerful and can help everyone to take control of their health and wellness. I’ve been inspired by one of my very first and favorite gurus, Pam of Elemental Om in Lebanon and Montgomery. Her knowledge and passion has improved my life tremendously and I want to learn it all so I can confidently share and help others.
  3. Many years ago, I wanted to be an esthetician and makeup artist. My friends Robin Mallery and Colleen Herman have deepened this desire in me because first and foremost both would tell you what they do is to bring the natural beauty you have inside you OUT. They are both such beautiful women on the inside that it’s no wonder they’re so gorgeous on the outside. Beauty isn’t vanity. Beauty is an outer expression of love (self-love and love for others). I do hope I can go to esthetician school someday.
  4. Find a career and a company where I can grow, inspire and be successful. My first interview of 2014 is tomorrow. It’s an amazing company where I think I could bring a lot to their team and they could teach me.
  5. I MISS my Z girls. 2014 is the year I get back to Dare 2 Dance in Blue Ash and all of my supportive Zumba friends to shake my booty and get rid of this tire around my middle. They don’t call me middle aged because I’m in the middle years of my life but because I have a spare tire around my middle. Love you Buddha belly but I’m going to dance you away!
  6. Sage – you are inspiring me so much to delve more into the spiritual path.  I don’t know quite where that’s going to take me or where you might take me but I’m handing you the keys this year. I look forward to continuing our friendship and path together.
  7. I strive daily to be the best girlfriend and partner to my amazing G that I can be. Every day, I’m humbled by your love and support. I want to continue to grow with you and support you in all the ways you need. I love you!
  8. I want to get more involved to heal the planet and help animals in need. I don’t know yet what this is but it’s something I feel strongly about. So I’m leaving it up to you, Creator, to help me achieve this.
  9. One of my long time goals, that I will accomplish, is to write a book. I got back on the writing kick in 2012 but got off track in 2013. So, I’m jumping back on the track in 2014. And I know my amazingly talented friend Marisa B. will be a great resource to keep me motivated and accountable! Mostly accountable because without knowing I have to have words for you keeps me honest and the TV off.
  10. Back in the saddle – literally. I miss horseback riding. Now, I’m not sure what my neurosurgeon would say about this but hey, I figure my neck is now titanium. It’s not going to break.


I have more things I want to do this year, like starting an outdoor garden and finishing up my kitchen. But I thought 10 was a good number to really focus on for 2014.


I’d LOVE to hear what you want to do this year. And as always, if I can help,  let me know.


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