Thursday’s Power Thoughts

I’ve had an amazing week. I’ve engaged with several new communities of people who have inspired and supported me. I asked the Universe to help me find the resources and teachers I needed to advance my journey of making 2014 the BEST YEAR EVER and wow – the Universe brought so many to me so quickly. It’s not even February and I feel like I’m on a great path to manifesting all of my dreams for 2014.

Sage, Colleen, Cassie, Jordan, Erin, Ari, Ray and everyone else I met at Infusion Cincinnati, Goddess Circle and Sage’s workshop on Sunday – thank you all for hearing my story and supporting me. At these three meetings, I met and spoke with more than 30 people who want to make our community a better place by serving and helping others. Not a single person’s goal was to live in a 22 room estate in Indian Hill or drive a Maserati. Everyone who spoke wanted to help others and our city by sharing their talents, music, healing, writing, counseling and even physical labor.

I had so many wonderful healers offer me consultations and treatment this week at a reduced or even no cost. But I know they do this to make a living and I want to give back to them. So I am starting to do marketing services to “pay” them in return. There are more ways than just money to compensate someone for their services and time. Keep this in mind when you have limiting thoughts of “I’d love to do this but I can’t afford it.” This is also why it’s great to choose locally-owned, small businesses instead of large, national chains.

Finally, there is a great power in speaking your truth, sharing your story. That’s why I do this blog and why I talk about things such as my surgery. I want you to learn from my journey because my journey is your journey. I might not understand your pain, but I understand pain. I might not understand your fears, but I understand my own fear. I might not understand your anger, but I understand anger.

Talking about pain, fear, anger – whatever you’re a slave to, whatever is holding you back, is hard but when you open up and express your emotions, your feelings, the power is in YOUR hands – not the emotion. Talking about my surgery takes away the power it has in my life. Keeping silent continues to give your power away. I am always so surprised at how supportive people are too when they hear me speak. You all give me so much love and support that I want to keep sharing with you. I hope by hearing my journey, you will realize you’re not alone.

So what are my Power Thoughts for this Thursday:

  1. Help is always there if you can ask for it – ask God, ask your friends, ask your family. Ask and be open to all of the teachers who come into your lives.
  2. Money is not the only currency available to us. You have many skills that could help others who in return have products/services that you need. Be willing to give to others and you’ll be surprised at how much you receive.
  3. Speak your truth. Always. Silencing your voice hurts you physically and mentally. Speaking your truth gives YOU the power.

So friends, what is it that inspires you?

What do you want from 2014?

What can I do to help you?

Let’s make it happen – life is too short not to wear fabulous shoes or eat dessert.

Much love to you all!


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