I’m Back

I’m back – well, blogging that is.  I missed you!

No one lives in a vacuum and no one is as put together or as sane as you might think they are. I’m hoping that by sharing my journey, what I’ve learned from MANY great gurus and my experiences, along with some craziness; we can ALL achieve the joy and health we deserve.

What are we going to share on this blog space? Lots of information that is meant to help each of you on your journey on this planet. It is NOT intended to replace medical advice. I’m no expert. I’m just a girl trying to find her way through this crazy maze. So as always, please listen to your physician/healthcare provider first and foremost.

So take what makes sense to you. And remind yourself that I’m bat-poo crazy on what doesn’t resonate with you. Most importantly, please SHARE what you’ve experienced here and know that you can do so without being judged or mocked.

Let’s all make 2014 the best year ever!

Namaste –


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